Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Just finished watching the final episode of Mirae's choice. It's the shittiest cowardly non-ending ending ever. WTF! This series pisses me off.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Heirs Episode 7 summary

OMG! Each episode is getting better and better, I simply couldnt sit still while watching the show coz its just so freaking good and I'm like "What's next? What's next?!!" every other second.

The ending was sooooooo bloody good that I was screaming in excitement and dying from anticipation. OMG! OMG! OMG!!! Just shoot me already Kim Tan! You sure know how to confess to a gal! Lol!

Lee Minho is supreme "love god" here. He makes Kim Tan to be the sort of guy that you want to be the one to have a crush on you sort. Those mopping eyes, those expressions, those impish childlike behavior at times, the protector....damnit.... I am sooo addicted to this show!!! I cant wait for tomorrow to come fast enough! 2 episodes a week is simply NOT enough!!! Arrrggghhh!

Episode 7 Summary

This episode finally has Kim Tan making his move.

Continuing from last week, after the convi-ramen encounter.back in the garden at home, Kim Tan asked why did she meet up with Young Do which she said she didnt, it was by chance.

 Kim Tan warned Eun Sang not to get involved with Young do anymore. Eun Sang truthfully told Kim Tan that Young do said he wants to protect her and Kim Tan immediately jumped on the point "See! See! That's an obvious threat! For god sake listen to me!" His indignant "I told u so" expression was soooo funny! Haaa haa.

Back inside home, Kim Tan walked into the kitchen, pretending to ask for a drink from his mum but  knowing full well that Eun sang is gonna be there hence using the drink as an excuse. His mum not knowing the truth introduce her son to Eun Sang. Kim Tan made an eye signal to Eun Sang to pretend that they are meeting for the first time indeed.

Of course being the cheeky boy he is, he couldnt resist teasing Eun Sang saying "oh I have seen u many times..." and proceed to "mock" that he had been wondering who country pumpkin was all along..."so it was you" he joking said. "Nice to meet you and see you around", to which the mum quickly replied that there's No need for them to meet often. Lol!

When Kim Tan walked out of the kitchen (and hover outside evasdropping), his mum warned Eun Sang not to be over familiar with Kim Tan in school and to rem her "servant;y" place. As well, she is to report back to mum everything she knows or hears about Kim Tan in school. Eun Sang caught off guard asked"report?", but the mum retorted about Eun Sang going to school for free. Hearing the whole thing, Kim tan's mood is as sourish as Eun Sang for different reasons.

The next morning, Kim Tan was waiting out in the cold at the front gate.

Eun Sang had a shock when she bumped into a waiting Kim Tan outside the main gate. Apparently he was on a "stake out" mission to figure out how early she leaves the house since he has not once bumped into her when he goes to school every morning. He asked if she was avoiding him, hence leaving so early in the morn. Eun Sang replied it wasnt merely just to avoid him and started to head away.

Before she could walk away or refuse, Kim Tan grabbed her hand and walked towards the waiting cab stating would he be wasting time, waiting for her so damn early in the morn if he is to let her go to school alone? Eun Sang was about to protest further but Kim Tan warned her not to waste time arguing, refering to the CCTV above them. With that, he shoved her into the cab and headed for school.

Then comes my fav can scene!

Saying it with a uber duber cutie pie boy smile, Kim Tan started narrating to Eun Sang:
"Everyone loves Kim Tan, because he is good looking. Kim Tan does well in school, because he is good looking. Kim Tan..." Eun Sang interrupted him and asked what is he going on about? Kim Tan told her frankly that he had overheard his mum's instruction to Eun sang on reporting about Kim tan, and told her that these are the phrases she could use to patronize his mum.

Eun Sang frowned and asked if she was to lie but Kim Tan cheekily replied "Which part of it is false?" (Haaaa haaa! I have to hand it to him!!!) Shaking her head and giving up, Eun Sang replied "Oh forget it..."

Kim Tan wasnt done yet and commented that Eun Sang sure said "yes" in a jiffy when his mum asked her to spy on him, but Eun Sang replied likeas if she could ever say No in that household. Kim Tan then said so that's why she could repeatedly say No to him on so many occasions. Even Eun Sang had to smile at that fact. Kim Tan looked at her and persisted again for the reason for her early departure. Eun Sang had wanted to avoid all those expensive cars coming every morn, but hid truth from Kim Tan and lied "Traffic"She told the driver to drop her off near school but Kim Tan objected and told the driver to head straight to school. Eun Sang said they couldnt be seen arriving together but Kim Tan assured her that there will be NO ONE that early in school to witness anything. Plus it will only be for this once for them to go school together, since he doesnt want to wake up THAT early again anyway. (Haaaa haaa lazy pig)

Eun Sang was about to object again when Kim Tan pointed out of the window and went "Ahhh!"

Eun Sang turned to look and Kim Tan quickly leaned over to rest his head on her shoulder, faking tiredness commenting that "I;m sleepy. It's all your fault that I had to wake up so early" (This is my fav scene!! Lee Minho looked absolutely cute to death when he did the fake pointing!!! I couldnt stop laughing!)

Caught off guard (trust me, not in a bad way), Eun Sang  asked what Kim Tan was doing but he merely replied her "We are getting off together", before adding a compliment "The uniform really looks good on you"Eun Sang smiled to herself hearing that...(I bet her heart must be fluttering by now!!!)

Once in school, Kim Tan like a boy suffering from serious crush was following behind Eun Sang quietly.

Looking at her from behind, Kim Tan finally couldnt resist it and walk forward, taking her scrunchie off her hair, much to Eun Sang's surprise. She told him to give it back to her but Kim Tan told her she should let her hair down instead. They were interrupted by another schoolmate  (I like the part that Kim Tan grabbed Eun Sang towards him...but as to why? I dont quite get it.) The guy fren was still trying to figure out why she looked so familiar and thinking if it could be the niteclub but Kim Tan quickly defended her saying she doesnt go to such places, only to quickly to add on (after the fren asked how would u know?!) that even clubs will pick their client! and Kim Tan quickly walked away from her thereafters, leaving her with a silent protest stuck at her lips. Haaa haaaa (It was funny too when later in a different scene, Kim tan snuck up behind her and yank her hair band off again! It reminds me of little  nottie boys pulling pigtals in school. hahahaha)

(I'm gonna skip over the whole part on mum and bro)

On a separate day after the elder bro brushed off Kim tan again, Kim Tan saw Eun Sang coming back from school and stopped her, asking her why hasnt she returned him his Dream catcher? He demanded her to bring it to the wine cellar and then asked her to stay for a song. (he played her fav song sooo sweet).

Kim Tan asked about her song and she admitted that it was her fav song, about likely someone madly. Kim Tan got all intensely jealous and demanding, asking her if she had been in love? when was that? before america? Only to look visibly relieved and happy that she replied. "I didnt say it was a guy."   (Oh Kim Tan you jealous jealous jealous cutie) Then he had that all knowing oh-i-see look after she replied his query that it was her sister. Kim asked if she still wishes to go to states but she said not necessarily so, so long its not in Korea. Kim asked if Korea was still bearable after her return, but she replied in a resigned tone "Still part time, part time everyday, though changing of school was a surprise change". Kim Tan told her then that she can asked him for help anytime she needed it. Eun Sang looked at him "No, its not necessary though I appreciate your thoughts" They continue to chat alittle more until Kim Tan said "Can I ask you a question?" which Eun Sang immediately said "No."

Kim Tan was like "Why are u saying no even before you know what I am gonna ask?"
Eun Sang honestly replied "Because all your questions are dangerous" She thanked him for the song and left. While watching her walk out of the wine cellar, Kim muttered to himself that he wasnt even done saying the things yet.

Scene changes to Eun Sang alone in her "room", deep in thoughts. She recalled all the "questions" that Kim Tan had previously asked her. "Am I falling for you?" (America movie scene) " Eun Sang, am I thinking of you?" (Garden identity revelation scene). While Eun Sang have a big sigh at those memories, Kim Tan was alone in wine cellar thinking of her.

Next day in school, Young do isolated Eun Sang in class and when Bo Na pushes her way into the class to find out what happened, Young do grabbed both ladies bags and emptied the contents.

It was illuminating the difference in contents, that Eun Sang's stuff obviously does not belong to any rich gal.

Young do asked Bo Na if Eun Sang was really rich but she didnt want to reply because of what her dear bf had previously asked her not to do (reveal Eun Sang's real background). Just then Bo Na's bf, Chang young came in and ended the incident. When Kim Tan heard about it, he was all antsy and anxious in class wondering if Eun Sang is ok. Rachel watched Kim Tan's worried face helplessly yet knowingly that her man is in love with someone else.

After class, Kim Tan rushed to look for Eun Sang but only to discover Young do at his worst again bullying the "poor boy". Instead of pretending not to see, Kim Tan finally used the scene to act out his anger (about Eun Sang being bullied earlier) and punched Young do's face. We found out later as to why the two best fren split, with Young do insulting Kim Tan's birth origin when he had told him the secret (being son of 3rd woman) to console his fren. That's how they become "enemies".

In the library, Eun Sang received a call from Young do, using the "poor boy" as blackmail to demand her to go to his place to have ramen together. Not having any choice, she went and her presence in Young do's room was discovered by chance by Rachel who wanted to confront Young do's plan to destroy their parent's wedding plan/ family photo shoot.

Rachel called Kim Tan later to reveal Eun Sang's whereabout. (Now why would our Princess Rachel call Kim Tan to tell him that? To make your man more jealous about another gal?!! Not the wisest move Rachel)

Unable to bear the thought nor holding bck his worries that young do might do her harm since she was not answering her phone, Kim Tan rushed out to find Eun Sang, relieved to see her at her cafe workplace.

He dragged her out and asked her about the visit to Young do;s place. She explained that she felt compelled to help the poor boy since obviously he did not expose her real identity to save her from potential bullying. Kim Tan was exasperated and told her to stop doing things that will make him worry.

 Eun Sang snapped back that he should be the one to stop disrupting her life as she is tired enough from all the work and worries and now she obviously has a big target on her from Young do, no thanks to Kim tan. It was also getting more and more uncomfy seeing him everyday as well."I dont have great dreams, except just to graduate smoothly and go to work by 20yo. That's all I ask for but right now, i really dont know what to do"

"Need me to tell you what to do?" Kim Tan looked at her seriously.
"Move out of my place immediately tomorrow." Kim Tan said solemnly to a frustrated Eun Sang near tears and Eun Sang was shocked at that harsh demand.

"You can't? Yet you still want to continue school? Then from this moment, fall for me. if possible, fall for me as sincerely as you can. Because, I have already Fallen for you."

Eun Sang looked up in shock at a staring Kim Tan who was finally letting his feelings flow.
(Eun Sang did a gulp while Kim Tan looked at her with a pleading "like me back" look)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mirae's choice....after Episode 6, my interest is waning.

Just finished watching "Mirae's choice"  (Marry him if you dare) espisode 6 and I was kinda like "Nooooooooo!!!" I want Se joo to win. I'm so sick of him playing second fiddle all the time and never getting the gal...though technically the gal he was supposed to have was the TV presenter afterall...but still.

I started this series mainly for Jung Yong Hwa being in it. To be honest, his acting chops was rather non existent even up to "Addicted to you" drama after "YAB" but in here, I noticed that he was somewhat more natural like a fish in water. His smile...damn those dazzling smile!!!! He can leave me zombified just thinking about those smile or even pondering looks the whole day after watching an episode....

I had liked this drama when it first aired because primarily Lee Dong Gun as Shin is soooooo adorable and infuriating at the same time, while Yong as Se-Joo is just plain yummilicious, seemingly like a (uber rich) underdog I want to root for, emotionally that it. However, it's abit annoying that he is playing second lead and second fiddle again. Arrrrghhh the injustice to our Ikeman!!!

However by episode 4, the excitement wore off and while both male leads are still very watchable, I cant say the plot itself is as enticing as some other better dramas. It's getting to be a little draggy and while I know its to develop Shin's character (change) and his feelings for Mi-Rae, still, I get impatient at the "Oh I dont know which guy to choose" part.

Of course we all know that Mi-Rae is going to end up with Shin at the rate its going and with so little hang out opportunity with Se Joo. That's what making watching this drama so painful, that Se-Joo stands no chance at all with Mi-rae. He's just like a blooper in her life, no thanks to Auntie Mi-rae. What makes it more unbearable is the pairing of Sejoo with Yoo Kyung the presenter. I dont like her character. Of course the drama tries now to turn down her bitchy level but too late, damage done. No matter what, I will feel like Se Joo is a sucker to marry her.

The problem with the twist is that the plot doesnt account very well how Yoo Kyung's rumoured relationship with Shin can die down soooo fast. And how Se Joo a person who is on his guard will reveal and care for Yoo Kyung so quickly.

In this episode 6, what annoys me the most was the post arson scene when Se Joo went to check on Mirae. Seeing her with Shin was like a shock and pang, that I get but what I dont get is why does he need to listen to that annoying Yoo Kyung to not approach Mi-Rae?

Seriously dude, if you REALLY like the gal, you would naturally ignore anyone who stops you and rush to the chick to ask if she is ok regardless if there is a rival. That's natural human behavior no? Plus who gives the nosy presenter';s opinion a rat arse?  what gives her the right to tell Se Joo what to do, apart that we all know it's her own selfish desire of not wanting to see Se Joo with Mi rae at work here, rather than genuinely caring for anyone's feelings?

The ending part when he smiled after Mi rae offered to give him a quick massage on his shoulder, that smile...the "I thought I lost you but hey I'm not out of the game yet" smile...hahaha. He truly is like a little boy here!

I like Shin. I do. I too like his slow change in character and stop being such an tightarse living by principle and understandable outcast. The part where he initiated to hold Mi-rae's hand and stuck it in his jacket pocket was soooo "Oh my, look at you, you rascal" Hahahaha. I gave an excited yelp here! haha

However the thing is, much that I like Se Joo too, he being the next heir, he can play hardball (because he has to think from the perspective as a business owner) which might be too much for sensitive innocent Mirae.

The only problem is I cant stand Yoo Kyung. It's ok if Se Joo ends up with someone else but HER? They dont even look good physically together. She looks too old for him. I would have much prefered if they paired him up with someone who is equally professional but not bitchy, but quietly rooting for Sejoo and finally having her feelings reciprocated later. At least then I can feel happy ending for 2 couples instead of 1.

Oh well....I'm losing hope for this series but thankfully there is still "THE HEIRS", oh my Lee Minho as delightful rich boy with much angst & sorrow - Kim Tan. In comparison, the heir is keeping me glued and hungry for more while my desire to watch Mirae choice is waning off.

Lee Minho is simply irresistable here...OMG. he is soooooo freaking cute. The smile, the hair, the everything! I'm swooning!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

J-Drama: Family Game/ 家族ゲーム

If you havent been watching Japanese Drama much, or were only solely captivated by Galileo 2, you should be watching "Kazoku Game" (Family Game/ 家族ゲーム)

I didnt watch it because of Arashi's star.
I watched it because it was plain gripping and good, in a mysterious yet funny way.
The plot is engaging, a quick touch on the current society problems faced by many Japanese families in terms of relationships, school bullying etc. Heavy topics at first glance but well executed in a relatively light way without being preachy or superficial.

Sho Sakurai, I have to concede, portrayed his role well (I have no expectations to begin with) as the private family tutor who has a "past". His unusual tactics and manner is the key to the whole plot. What is his hidden agenda? What demons are he fighting...what is the secret he is hiding

This isnt a new drama, but a reprise of a 1983's version, except they added one new character.
I was told the original version was very well received as well and hit a cord with its audience.
I did not watch the relic but this updated version did good by me, keeping me entertained and gnawing my nails urging for new episodes. Each new episode couldnt come fast enough for me, and if it means I have to stay up to watch at 3am after it gets loaded, I would.

So if u havent jumped onto the wagon for this, I highly recommend that you do.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

K-Music: T-ARA Cry Cry

Ok I am officially in Cha Seung Won obsessive mode now. Hahahaha! Went to goggle and realised he was part of T-Ara's music video for their 4th album.

The MV is surprisingly good and I couldnt believe it went under my radar for a year! The 2nd part when Seung won was dying and she was screaming at him not to close his eyes was so freaking touching!

He is so freaking sauve and charismatic, not to mention those hot 6 packs abs, and it's amazing how a hairstyle can change a person'slook. Saw some of his older pictures with longer hair and he didnt look as good as he is now. *drool*

Anycase, now my head is bobbing with Cry Cry (both versions) and Lovey Dovey.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

K-drama: The Greatest Love

Right after Cityhall, I started on "The Greatest Love" series, primarily due to Cha Seung Won.

Personally, watching Cityhall and The Greatest Love back to back, I still prefer Cityhall though The greatest Love is more lighthearted but somehow the lead actress Gong Hyo Jin isnt very appealing to me, so it somewhat muted the likeability of the show for me.


In The Greatest Love, Cha Seung Won starred as Dokko Jin, a top korean movie star at the peak of his career but has a egoistic personality. His life started to change upon a chanced encounter with Ae Jung (starring Hyo Jin), a non-likable artist who used to be from the most popular girl band The National Treasure Girls 10 years ago. However, after the band disbanded, Ae Jung bore most of the blame and was disliked for the last 10 years despite her caring and sincere personality.
Although Dokko jin was eager to rid any encounter with Ae Jung initially, yet through a series of accidents and incidents, Dokko's heart started to react strongly to Ae Jung esp through one of her hit songs.

As he got to know her, Dokko jin slowly started to fall for her and got jealous of Pil Joo, a Traditional oriental medicine who happened to be on a "Couple Making" program with Ae Jung.

Truth is, Pil Joo had liked Ae Jung from the start and he too fell for her good nature in real life and wanted to protect her from all the sadness and (internet fan) viciousness that accompanies the entertainment industry.

Ae Jung had a secret to keep for the reason of the disband but was unwilling to spill the beans. So for the past decade she suffered alot of hate but she continued to look forward to fight for airtime to survive in this industry. After her encounter with Dokko, her luck seemed to get better but with occasional sabotage from her ex bandmate and ex manager, Ae Jung couldnt seem to shed the series of bad luck and misunderstanding that plague most of her career.