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The Naked Kitchen Movie Review (K)

The gist about the movie, simply put is about the journey of "adultery" and how a couple comes to terms with it, esp when the man involved was a friend. It done beautifully, with the feelings meticulously portrayed and Jihoon was fantastic in his role as Doo re in this. I loved many details in this film, from the lovely artistic patterns and designs, to the set up and the directing of the whole movie. While one may easily point a finger at Mo Rae's straying feeling, yet as you move along with her, you found yourself unable to dislike her and strangely , able to comprehend her feelings. On the other hand, no longer framed in his princely character, Jihoon has broken out to show a more mature and versatle actor he is aiming to be. What surprises me was that he actually could sing and sounded good! I am impressed. Even though his french song sounded alittle off in his korean accent but I still think it's fabulous!

Perhaps a korean watching the original version would be in better position to do a movie critic than me but I like to do a synopsis anyway. So if anyone discover any discrepancy below, do let me know because the translated version I had seen had some missing parts esp the french bits and the postcard in Korean text.

The Naked Kitchen Summary

The movie started off with the wife- Mo rae busy with surprising the husband Sang in with their anniversary meal, before scooting off to a particular ceramic exhibition. However, when she arrived at the museum, she discovered it was closed/ ended. Unwilling to be turned away, Mo Rae snucked into the museum when the staff didnt noticed. While admiring the exhibits, Mo Rae heard someone and she ran out, accidentally bumping into someone and fell. She heard a voice asking if she was alright. When she looked up, she saw a young cute guy (Jihoon)before her and she heaved a sigh of relief stating he had scared her. The guy grinned. When Mo Rae asked if he was alright, he nudged his head towards her and she discovered his camera under her. When Mo Rae asked if the camera was alright, the stranger posed to take a picture of her but Mo Rae shy away. The stranger grinned and teased that she can pay him instead. Mo Rae without a reply grabbed her umbrella and posed at the staircase instead with the exhibit, much to the amusement of the stranger.

As he slowly advanced towards her up the stairs and smitten with her wide eye innocence, the guy started to snap pictures of her, only to realise at the last shot she was wearing a wedding band. At that moment, the guy heard noises and realised the staff are back. The guy grabbed Mo Rae by her hand and both secretly hid behind the wooded canvas.

Sharing a tight spare and intimate moment, Mo Rae got drawn in by the stranger before her. Staring straight at the sun, Mo Rae whispered she felt a little faint and the stranger gently used his hands to shield her eyes. Without warning and ris, she opened her brolly to the surprise and shock of the stranger which turned to amusement for him. Sharing a tight space and now a brolly, the stranger shifted and accidentally kissed Mo Rae on her forehead. As they both took in the scent of each other, before she knew it, he started to kiss her slowly from her head to her lips and she reciprocated. Before long, they were locked in passionate kisses and embrace, with her clothes off and....

During dinner, Sang in shared that he had quit his job to be a chef and is roping an "old" friend (or child as the husband sees him) who is a telented chef from France to assist him/ coach him. In the midst of it, Mo Rae feeling overwhelmed, she confessed her encounter to her husband over dinner. Shocked, Sang in walked out of dinner with Mo Rae chasing after him, declaring she loved him and she was just taken in by the strange smell of the stranger. The husband decided to forgive her and told her to put it behind them. Unknown to them both, the old friend was already at their home door step awaiting their return. To Mo Rae's shock, her husband's 23 yr old friend Doo Re was the exact stranger whom she had strayed with that same afternoon!

That night, Mo Rae tried to tell the husband the identity of the guy being his friend but Sang in didnt want to hear anything on the topic again. He told her to let it past and not to mention it ever again so as not to revisit the "wound". So Mo Rae swallowed back the truth. Not knowing the encounter between the 2, he even told Doo re to spend more time with Mo Rae whenever he isnt around. Next morning, a just awoken Mo rae went to the kitchen and hugged her husband, only to realise she had made a mistake! It was Doo re dressed in her hubby's attire and she panicked and ran off.

At home, Doo Re acted like nothing happen without displaying any apparent discomfort. During lunch, Doore accidentally used Mo Rae's pot of (herb) plant as part of his ingredient and Mo Rae moaned sadly that they might as well have eaten her.....Later between the 2 guys, Doo re commented isnt just a pot of normal herb which was meant to be eaten? Sang in replied Mo Rae just didnt expect something she had cared for so lovingly to be just simply eaten like that. Doore jokingly asked Sang In that he might as well return to France since Mo Rae doesnt seem to like him anycase.

Next day, Doo Re dropped off a potted plant and an envelope. It was ticket to a dance concert. At the dance performance, Mo Rae was surprised to see her husband waiting for her. He jokingly asked her what was she looking for. As she walked in to their seats, she was even more shocked to see Doore seated there already. Seated between the 2 men and unknown to Sang in who held Mo Rae's hand, Doo re was also holding on to Mo Rae's other hand. and cheekily teasing her if it would be easy to be discovered, that she liked him. Mo Rae begin to discover her feelings for Doo re had intensify and confided in her girlfriend.

Meanwhile Sang in was trying to improve his cooking skills and during a meal tasting, a female critic told Sang in that his cooking is an indication that he doesnt know what the answer to his cooking (it was unbalanced or something). Sang in was upset and Doo re tried to cheer him up.

That night, while Mo Rae was busy doddling new artwork for her brollies, Doo re came over and grabbed her sketch book, commented on one of the piece. While Mo Rae explained the story of little prince, Doo re continued drawing and made subtle improvements to the piece. When he handed it back to Mo Rae, she was stunned by the additional sketching. Doore said something in French and got up kissing her forehead, and said "Bro wants us to be closer" before waving goodnight and started to walk off. Mo Rae stopped him and said "I wanted to see it" refering to Doo re's scar on his abdomen. The two went off to the backyard and Mo Rae scutinsed the wound, asking if it was really a motorbike accident. Doore said it was actually an operation to remove a cancer. Just as Mo Rae started to tentatively touched his scar, Doo re grabbed Mo Rae and commented she looked like she was about to cry, stating "Looks like you have really fall for me!" Mo Rae swiped his hands off and he started to tease her. As Mo Rae started to walk off, Doo re asked if she was worried about the pain and worried for him . Mo Rae replied she was just worried it looks like the wound will split open if he exert himself. Doore smiled.

Over time, the relationship between the 2 continue to blossom innocently. While making Kim chi, Doo re subtly found out about the dynamics between Mo Rae and Sang in. He realised that Mo Rae had never fallen in love with anyone before as she has been tagging behind Sang in since she was a little girl. The two simply grew up together and got married like a natural process. Doore commented to Sangin about Mo Rae bright cat like eyes. The next morning, Sang in took a closer look at his wife and commented indeed it was so much to the surprise of Mo rae.

One day, Doo re said he wanted to head to the market, so as to better understand the culture and food variety in Korea. Sangin offered to accompany him but Doore said he is asking Mo Rae with him and Sang in should stay home to perfect his cooking. Sang in laughed saying the 2 will bound to be lost and not get back since his wife is blind as a bat when it comes to directions. Doo re smiled and went off. At the market, Doo re and Mo rae totally enjoyed themselves. Mo Rae asked why did Doore used a disposable camera instead since he had to dispose it after each use? His reply was that he liked it precisely due to the lack of fuss and that a camera would help record memories, including those moments he spent with her.

At that, Mo rae got inspired and dragged Doore to an instant photo machine, wanting to capture memory of the moment. Initially, Doo re turned away rejecting the shot. However at Mo Rae second pleading no to wast money, Doo re had a change of heart and suddenly turned round for the first shot before subsequently grabbing Mo rae's face. Inside the booth away from prying eyes, both kissed passionately as the camera continued to shoot at both of them.

At home, while sitting across each other, Sang in suddenly made a grab for Doo re book which he was engrossed in. Sang in saw the ceramics brochere and asked if Doore had went and how was it? Doo re who remained calm and smiled at him and said it was good. Unknown to Sang in and relief of Doo re, underneath the table, Doo re's hand was holding on to the photo shoot depicting his kissing scene with Mo Rae , unseen by Sang in.

One day at the supermarket, Mo Rae called her husband she couldnt join the 2 guys but Doo re spotted her from a distance. When Sang in hung up, he discovered Doo re had gone off. In truth, Doo re had gone running in the multi level carpark looking for Mo Rae. A mytified Sang in at Doo Re's sudden disapperance was preparing to drive off, but noticed Doo re from a distance. Doo re caught up with Mo Rae and serenade her with a love song much to the surprise and joy of her (and spectators). Sang in who had drove and followed Doo re witnessed the scene but reveresed off instead of getting out of the car confronting what he saw.

At a family outing, Sang in looked on at Mo Rae and Doore having fun together splashing water at each other. Sang in was plagued by uneasiness as he watched on...

At Home, with mounting frustrations about all things, Sang In and Doore finally had their first bicker. Sang in commented he also had his own style and a fed up Doo re retorted its up to him but he wont stick around if everything got ruined. He also commented that Sang in is really being childish at times. As he wanted to walk off, Sang in grabbed him and both stared at each other in silence.

In bus alone, Mo Rae asked if the two are having a fight but Doore assured her its nothing and just the usual friction. Doo re then asked Mo Rae about her relationship with her husband, and commented that what they have isnt love but Sang in was purely lucky being there. Mo Rae replied which was precisely why she was lucky that it was Sang in. Doore asked "Then what if the person had been me?"

Next morning, a grogy just awoken Mo Rae stumbled into the bathroom. As she was brushing her teeth, she presumed her husband was showering and didnt head to baseball practice and asked him why. Not getting a reply, she opened the shower curtain, only to be greeted by a naked Doore backfacing her. Sang in who just got home saw his frantic wife running out. He saw the shaving cream on her face and joked if she had shaved. She ran off in panic and Sang in saw Doore walked out of the bathroom. Without a word, Doore walked back to his room and slammed the door shut and locked. Sang in asked to speak and unlock the door but a packing Doore ignored him. Sangin in anger broke the door down. As Sang in confronted Doo re, Doore explained that Mo Rae had mistaken him for Sang in due to the shower curtains. Doore retorted didnt Sang in want them to be closer? Sang in backed off and instructed never to lock the door again. Doore retorted it's up to his mood. Next scene, All the doors in the house was removed and Sang in cheefully asked Mo Rae if she liked it? A Dazed Mo Rae replied she had always wanted to try that.

In her shop, Doo re asked Mo Rae if she wanted to do it. With the shades down, Mo Rae started to paint on Doore scar to relief her worries. In between, Mo Rae told Doo re that they should stop whatever was between them because of Sang in. She told Doo re to her, Love is nothing. Only Sang in this person, and she is still the same her (no different from the little girl tagging behind sang in as a child). Doore commented he is curious, as to who will eventually made her steal her heart. Later, Mo Rae caught up with her husband and tightly embraced him and saying how much she will miss him while waiting for him. Sang in kissed his wife passionately. On the other hand, alone by himself later, Doo Re looked at his own reflection with the new artwork on his Abdomen, he questioned himself if it wasnt enough just being the 3 of them living together? Doo re made a decision.

One day, Mo Rae served up a plate for breakfast. Doo re saw and cheerfully grabbed the indicator. Mo rae was pregnant! Sang in took in the news in daze without much expression nor joy.

That night, Sang in was still stunned by Mo Rae's pregnancy news. As Doo re was changing his top, Sang in caught the artwork drawn on Doore 's abdomen. Doo re did not elaborate but Sang in had an inkling who the artist was. That night he went to bed with a heavy heart. The feeling of vague suspicions and uneasiness continued to plague a silent Sang in.

Next morning, the 2 guys were making breakfast and Doore spotted Mo Rae ready to head out. Mo rae cheerfully shared that she wanted to head out early for her doc appointment. She then added she wanted the child's father to come along. Doore cheerfully turned round and asked Sang i to hurry along to leave the remaining stuff for him. Sang in turned around and snapped at his wife, asking if such things couldnt be told to him earlier instead of last minute. With that he turned back to doing what he was doing, leaving Mo Rae and Doo re shocked at his reaction. Mo rae forced a smile at Doore and quietly walked out on her own. A concerned Doo re worriedly asked Sang in if he was really going to let her go on her own. Getting no reply, Doore rushed out on his own after Mo rae, yelling for her to go together. Mo Rae said it was alright but Doore happily stated its a free service. Mo rae told him seriously that she really wanted to go alone. As Doo re watched longingly at Mo rae's departing figure walking away from him, Sang in was watching the whole exchange from the kitchen.

Sang in headed to Mo rae's friend's photo studio to pick up his pictures. At the same time, he accidentally saw the photos of Doore, which are all of his wife, taken at the day of the ceramics exhibition. Realisation hit home for Sang in that Doore was the man that Mo Rae had the encounter with that day. When Mo rae's friend realised the pictures are gone, she drove immediately to her workplace informing her of the bad news. Mo Rae took the news calmly. Meanwhile, Doo re also calmly hung up the phone with the news he received, and continued to prepare the mini baby celebration party.

At home, Sang in went to Doo re's room and pick up his recipe book. He finally found the snapshoots of his wife kissing Doo re.

Meanwhile, a busy Doore heard Sang in walked in and started to explain the dishes for the party that night. Sang in confronted Doo re saying that so he didnt run off after all. Doo re ignored him and continued to talk about the food preparation. Sang in grabbed Doore's face and turned it towards him, saying when talking, one should talk at the other person in the eye. Doo re sternly asked why should he run away and that he did what he did without knowing who Mo rae was at that time. Sang in punched him across the face!

As Doo re got up and addressed Sang in, Sang in said Doore would not do such a thing if he had treated him as a brother. Doo re tried to explain he didnt know Mo rae was his wife, and Sang in said he didnt know the guy was Doore. Doore said which is why it was only a one time thing but Sang in corrected him that as such, he should not have continued and flashed the kissing shots at Doore, asking how would Doore explained that?

"It's difficult to forget. One cannot help who one likes." Doore said. Sang In got agitated hearing that and punched him again. "I like Mo rae. And this feeling would not suddenly disappear because I am staying with you." Doore confessed his feelings and Sang in punched him again!

"I dont believe such words. You never thought of it from the start." Sang in said. Doore questioned what should he do then? Will Apologising do it then? He then went on saying at least he was honest but Sang in would never had because Sang in is a coward, in admitting that his feelings for his wife is stronger than vice versa. Sang in threaten Doore to shut up but Doore continued that his presence had only caused quite disturbance and uneasiness to Sang in, the fear of losing Mo rae. Sang in yelled at Doore and started bashing him up! The two got into serious fight. Towards the end of the fight while Sang in was still pressing onto Doore's throat, Doore reminded Sang in at the end, it is up to Mo Rae whom she would pick.

That night, staring at the rain, Sang in told a returned Mo Rae that he cannot give her too much time to think, so she should pick with her heart.

"I, I lied to you. Which is why thngs turned out this way. .." Mo Rae started but was cut off by Sang in saying he doesnt blame her, or rather he cant as she had never intended to hide from him from the start. However, all he could do is all these. "All these is already too much" Mo rae replied sadly.

Sang in brought Mo Rae to the basement where Doo re was still sitting by himself. Sang in asked Mo Rae what she has decided and if she wanted to leave, he would let her go. Mo Rae told him however if he was unable to acceot things, he should just say it. "Sang in and Doore, I was too greedy. I know too, I dont want to lose either. It's love, but I want to pretend I dont know about it, but if I must choose, I think I know what is my answer now and I would not say I would seek your understanding." Mo Rae shared as she looked at Sang in.
The next scene shows a 2 desolated men, with Doo re walking in the rain by himself and Sang in car pulling up before him by the road. They arrived at home without much emotion and look at a cheerful Mo Rae preparing dinner fot them. The 2 men ate quietly without a word. Mo Rae smiled at Sang in and said "it looks like the the message of my heart has been converyed."

The food critic came again and this time, Sang in passed. The female food critic said Sang in has finally found his answer. That night, the 2 men returned a silent home. Doo re found the note left behind by Mo Rae. She congrats Sang in on his passing with the food test and that she would imagine how the restaurant looked like, and said Bon vogage to Doo re. Both men were stunned. Mo rae had left the 2.

While Sang in sat alone having his breakfast, Doo re was on his flight back, sobbing his heart out to himself on the plane....alone.

Time passed.

Sang in was catering for his friend wedding by the beach. There were pictures of the 3 of them on displayed, and a portrait shot of Doore with his unlifted T shirt showing the artwork Mo Rae had painted on him. Mo Rae stood looking at that shot.

Later alone, Mo rae confirmed she had sent in the divorce papers. Sang in revealed he would be looking up Doore. Really? Mo rea was surprised. "To be more accurate, it is that chap who had written to me." showing Mo rae's Doo re's recipe book. Mo Rae chuckled that Sang in has been lured by the secret recipes afterall. "It isnt so. I missed him" Sang in confided. Then Sang in kneeled down to a surprised Mo rae and said "before I bring that guy back, I have to find you first. Arent you gonna reply me?" "We just got divorced not too long ago." Mo Rae smiled and replied. Sang in laughed and said didnt she know that there can possibly be only one man proposing to a pregnant lady? So she should be pleased to meet such a charming man, Sang in joked. Mo rae smiled and replied she would think about it before motionin him yo sit next to her.

In the last scene, a photo was seen with a smiling Doore and Sang in in the picture, and a little girl in it. Doore was heard talking to Sang in and sneaking pictures of the child and mother at the same time...

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shadah..♥ said...

thank u for the movie review...
but i still can't understand
in the end, Morae choose who?
Doore or Sangin?
i really hope Doore...

TvADddict said...

To be honest, I only knew the 3 of them became friends again. I am assuming that she got back with Sang in because she did not reject his proposal towards the end, but I cannot 100% sure because I am unable to read the korean text that was written behind the photo postcard.

I really adore Doore too!!! I was soooo rooting for him and wished they got together.

stephanie said...

I seriously dont understand who she chose in the end... :S
So confusing.. But Doore is goodlooking! :)))) wohooo

TvADddict said...

Yeah...agree! I will miss seeing Ji Hoo acting on screen esp his smiles... too bad he got into a drug bust..otherwise we would have seen more of him in Tyoko Tower after Naked Kitchen...sigh...

Andeh said...

i found the movie to be quite boring.. rather your left watching it towards the end to only see who shes choose to be with. There wasn't really any sense of excitement felt at one point in time throughout the film.

Anonymous said...

In the last scene, a photo was seen with a smiling Doore and Sang in in the picture, and a little girl in it. Doore was heard talking to Sang in and sneaking pictures of the child and mother at the same time...

It's a photo of the both of them sneaking in on a sleeping Morae. In the earlier part of the movie, when Doore first commented on Morae's bright eyes to Sangin, Sangin turns around to see her sleeping on the steps, out in the sun. The photo at the end of the movie is of them with Morae in between. There's no child in it.

Anonymous said...

also, to those wondering.. at the point of the ending, she chose neither doore nor sangin.

kque said...

does anyone know what was written at the back of the postcard in the end?

all i read was "PARIS FRANCE" and a drawing at the bottom.

**i think they got along in a relationship with the three of them (most probably, friendship), so she chose both. just like what she did before she left.

Katherine said...

ok the picture at the end was of du-re and sangin taking a pic with morae who was sleeping at that picnic during the movie =)
and the writing on the back was du-re's address in paris =D
and the ending is very ambiguous, i think they did that on purpose so the viewer makes their own story =/
i really loved this movie.

SINematic said...

I love this movie!

Anonymous said...

I want to know who is the father of Mo Rae's baby ? Du re or Sang in?

mehrnaz said...

I love this movie,the ending is not ambigous,it is just open, you can c lose it the way you like.
At the last scene Sang-in is sitting on the c liff at the shore with Morea and tells her that he is going to find Dourea beacause he wants to be found( by sending sang-in a picture of three of them,when thy were at picnic and Morea was sleeping and Dourea told sang-in that her eyes were shinny),Durea wrote his address in Paris at the back of the photo.
and the dialogue that you hear at the end, Durea and Sang-in talking ,trying to take a photo when Morea was sleaping,is not from the future actually it is from the past at the picnic when Morea was sleeping you can check their c loths at the photo with theirs at the picnic,they are the same.the photo falls from the c liff where Sang-in and Morea are sitting and Sang-in proposes to her,it means Morea is going to choose and hasent chosen yet,so you are free to think that she chooses Durea ,Sang-in,or none of them.but for sure not both of them because even Durea says on ,two,there cant be three.

Anonymous said...

who is the father of the baby? is it sang-in or du-re? i really want to know.

Anonymous said...

I think the father is du-re ^.^
And I soooo wanted to see the baby >.<

Anonymous said...

I think the father is du-re ^.^
And I soooo wanted to see the baby >.<